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New Frontiers Cluj 5-7 September 2018

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The ‘Iuliu Hatieganu’ University of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Romanian Center for Systems Immunology, and Radboud Center for Infectious Diseases Nijmegen invites you on Sept. 5th-7th 2018 to the international symposium ‘New Frontiers in Innate Immunity and Inflammation’ in Cluj-Napoca,Transylvania.


Program International Conference

New Frontiers in Innate Immunity and Inflammation 5 – 7 September 2018

Wednesday September 5th

9.00       Introduction Young Investigator Day
9.10       Selected short talk 1
9.25       Selected short talk
9.40       Selected short talk
9.55       Selected short talk
10.10     Selected short talk
10.25     Selected short talk

10.30     Break

11.00     Selected short talk
11.15     Selected short talk
11.30     Selected short talk
11.45     Selected short talk
12.00     Selected short talk
12.15     Selected short talk

12.30     Lunch + posters

14.00     Introduction International Conference
14.10     Ronnie Apte – IL-1, inflammation and cancer
14.40     Selected short talk
14.55     Selected short talk
15.10     Jos van der Meer – Autoinfammatory disorders

15.40     Break

16.15     Keynote
Charles Dinarello – IL-1 family of cytokines

17.15     Posters and welcome reception

Thursday September 6th

9.00       Thirumala Kanneganti – Activation of innate immunity by the inflammasomes
9.30       Herbert Tilg  – Inflammation and metabolic disease
10.00     Alberto Mantovani – Innate immune pathways in tumor microenvironment

10.30     Break

11.00     Mihai Netea – Trained immunity: a memory for innate host defense
11.30     Selected short talk
11.45     Selected short talk
12.00     Triantafyllos Chavakis – Myeloid progenitors reprogramming

12.30     Lunch + posters

14.00     Eicke Latz – Innate immune memory in atherosclerosis
14.30     Joachim Schultze – Macrophage epigenetic programs

15.00     Leo Joosten – Inflammatory networks in Lyme disease

15.30     Break

16.00     Ramnik Xavier – Microbiome regulation of inflammation
16.15     Selected short talk
16.30     Selected short talk
17.00     Dan Littman – Microbiome and T-helper responses

18.30     Speakers dinner

Friday September 7th

9.00       Douglas Golenbock – Inflammatory pathways in malaria
9.30       Selected short talk
9.45       Selected short talk
10.00     Florents Ginhoux – Cellular metabolism of immune cells

10.30     Break

11.00     Tom van der Poll – Host-dependent biomarkers in sepsis
11.30     Evangelos Giamarellos – Modulation of inflammation in sepsis
12.00     Prizes for Oral Presentation and Posters
12.15     Conclusions international conference

12.30     Lunch

13.45     Mihaela Lupse – Introduction Romanian Congress of Infectious Diseases
14.00     Mihaela Lupse  –  Epidemiology of sepsis in Romania
14.30     Peter Pickkers – Immunotherapy of sepsis
15.00     Robert Sauerwein – Anti-malaria innate immunity

15.30     Break

16.00     Bart-Jan Kullberg – Novel insight in fungal infections
16.30     Reinout van Crevel – Tuberculois

Friday afternoon + Saturday September 8th: Romanian Congress of Infectious Diseases

New Frontiers in Innate Immunity and Inflammation

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About the event

This international symposium will cover novel aspects on inflammation, microbiome and immunometabolism, related to the understanding of innate immune responses.  An international group of experts in the field will present their work, including Charles Dinarello, Luke’O’Neill, Ramnik Xavier, Joachim Schultze, Mihai Netea, Alberto Mantovani, Eicke Latz, Leo Joosten, Douglas Golenbock, Ioana Berindan-Neagoe, Herbert Tilg, Thirumala Kanneganti, Mihaela Lupse, Evangelos Giamarellos, Tom van der Poll, Dan Littman and Jos van der Meer.

In addition, oral presentations will be chosen from the submitted abstracts, and a ‘Best Oral Presentation Prize’ and ‘Best Poster prize’ will be awarded.

We would like to invite colleagues in the field to join us in this very exciting scientific meeting. The deadline for abstract submission is 15-April 2018, and for registration is 15-July 2018. Registration is 100 euros and includes registration, lunches and the welcome reception. There will be a limit of 300 participants for the conference.

For more information, go to

Innate Immune Memory 14-16 March 2017

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We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the second in our series of meetings on Innate Immune Memory. The meeting will bring together scientists and clinicians working in immunology and related areas, in particular those interested in epigenetic regulation of the immune system, cell metabolism, vaccine development and immunotherapy.

This conference will highlight current work on the adaptive features of the innate immune system and discuss how these features can be activated and regulated. We will also explore how it can be ‘trained’ by internal and external modulators and how this might be harnessed to develop new therapies to treat inflammatory diseases, infection and cancer.

We welcome abstracts from all areas relevant to the main themes of the meeting, for oral and poster presentations. A limited number of bursaries for PhD students are available. For full details, please visit the conference website.